Rouge Turder

Act I Scene i
The blog post formerly known as episode 1

Rough outline:

  1. Arrived in Ferruxe
  2. Met a man named Atmo who directed us to Jameson at Plant 73 (50 AP awarded)
  3. Found Plant 73 (50 AP awarded)
  4. [Objective One complete]
  5. Found Plant 48 (50 AP awarded)

Scene experience: 500 experience each
Posting bonus: Cass 18 experience, Felix 8 experience, Maxentius 28 experience

Act I scene ii

Rough outline:

  1. Neutralized four thugs and interrogated the survivors [100 AP]
  2. Mithras calls about meeting with Mora
  3. Party returns to Tulwar
  4. Took the train to the Sapphire Lounge

Scene experience:
Fighting thugs: 50 exp to each of Cass, Felix, and Maxentius
Posting Bonuses: 23 xp to Maxentius, 21 xp to Cass, 5 xp to Felix, 1 xp to Mithras

I give posting bonuses based on the number of forum posts that are descriptive or dialogue (in regards to PC’s). Just a heads up that posts that are solely mechanical (e.g. “I got a x when I needed a y”) don’t get xp.

Act I scene iii
In person fun time

Went to the Sapphire Lounge and killed Fabethon (and like three other people). Cass got shot, Felix got chapped, Maxentius has to save us.

+150 Achievement Points


Session: 400 xp
Gassing the enemies: 100 xp to Felix, 50 xp to each Maxentius and Cass

Act I scene iv
Letting the cat out of the bag

So far:

  • Scanned the transport ship

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